Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Donald and Ivana at K-Mart

     One of my most memorable photo assignments from the black and white darkroom days is of Donald and Ivana Trump shopping at a local K-Mart. It's one of the top ten pictures that I've taken for the newspaper. The photograph caused a media frenzy.
     The Mercury received a news tip about them shopping for school supplies for their son Donald Jr. at the discount store. I drove around the parking lot and found a Mercedes with New York licence plates and waited until they exited the store.
     They were pushing a cart loaded with bags and Trump walked up to me and asked who I was, where I was from and what I wanted. I told him my name, I was from The Mercury and I was there to get his picture. He walked behind his car and that's when I shot the photo of the Trump's with the K-Mart sign directly behind them.
Ivana and Donald Trump at K-Mart
     The Associated Press picked up the photo and ran it worldwide. Within hours, the photo desk phone rang off the hook. I talked to People Magazine, Newsweek and newspapers across the country.
     The photo was the top story in the 'Big Apple' the next day and I received papers from Newsday and The New York Post with the photo taking up the entire front page. After things settled down, I watched Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. I was surprised that he started his monologue with the Trumps at K-Mart. In all the years that followed I haven't had a reaction like that over any other photo.

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  1. Great shot. I am captured - and this is clearly Trumps gift - by his mouth. I wonder what he's saying. Everything resolves except these words, the sounds his lips form. And this tears me apart. His sound bites are like porn. Simultaneously attracting and debasing. His lips, Ivana's dirty heavy look. I could write a whole essay on this pic. Love it.