Thursday, February 2, 2012

Count Your Lucky Stars

     There are quite a few different words that I can use to describe the vehicle collision on Troutman Rd in Upper Providence Twp. Wednesday afternoon. I 'll use the word amazing.
     The driver had lost control of his vehicle on a curve and smashed into curbing on the side of the road. He was ejected from his convertible landing on a grassy hill. His vehicle went airborn and landed on the roof on top of him. When I got to the scene I expected the outcome to be grim. I asked about the condition of the driver, and was told he was able to walk away from the crash after being pinned underneath. Fire and ambulance personnel inflated airbags to rescue him.
     Amazing! I have covered crashes where cars with less damage have ended in tragedy. I looked at the vehicle and just shook my head. When the driver was released from the ambulance at the scene, he appeared fine as he walked around surveying the damage.  The most he did was rub his shoulder. I don't think it appeared he even had a bandage on a cut.
     If the car landed just feet in a different direction, who knows how it would have ended. On this day, it may have been tough for him to have been involved in the crash, but he should count his lucky stars for the way it ended.


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