Thursday, May 2, 2013

Speeding in a Work Zone

     Last week troopers from Pa. State Police and Lower Pottsgrove Township officers worked together on a traffic detail for drivers to slow down on Route 422 in a work zone in Lower Pottsgrove Township.
     Motorists continue to ignore the 40 mph designation in the area, many driving through the zone above the normal highway 55 mph. I was sent on assignment to the highway construction area to record photos for the website and The Mercury to get the word for drivers to follow the designated speed reduction or be ticketed by police.
     It didn't take long for a string of cars to get pulled over. After four hours 39 citations were written. Officers will continue to monitor the area and keep it safe.
     I don't profess to always stay under the speed limit and at times will look down at the speedometer and see I'm moving along, but as I get older I'm not hurrying down the highway as much. In a construction zone I try to stay as close to the limited speed limit as I can.
     The other day I was driving in the construction zone and tried to keep my car at 40. I was more worried about cars flying up on my back watching in the rear view mirror as drivers again were ignoring the speed limit. Many buzzed by like I was standing still.
     The only way I can see to get people serious to follow the rule is to constantly run a traffic stop so that motorists get the idea that its time to lower speeds not only for the driver snaking through the barriers but also for workers on the ground and in slow moving construction vehicles.
     If that doesn't slow them down keep writing the tickets. They can probably solve the national debt with all the money drivers will pay for their lack of concern in these areas.


  1. I don't thing speed limitation should be applied only on a special occasion (like any event of celebration or construction work in progress). But it should be there for 365 days. It is practice of saving lives which are lost everyday in road accidents.

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  2. If any actual was being done, I would see it. One thing I didn't any of the time I've driven that stretch was work being done. I live near a work zone and no speed limits have changed. The fact that the State Troopers aren't the ones enforcing it sounds to me like Pottstown is just trying to run a scam. Having people doing highway speeds and then have to drop anywhere from 10 to 50 mph that suddenly also creates problems. There are no warning signs. There is a 55 mph and the next one you see is 40.