Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Don't Shoot Pretty

Larry Johnson and his son Jason.
     I have a funny little saying about taking pictures for the Mercury. I don't shoot pretty. Which means I don't snap scenery pictures for work. I may take a bunch of scenes on vacations, but while at work I try to shoot pictures with people in them. It has never been a passion of mine to drive around looking for a rusty tractor next to a barn to photograph. I'm after photos of people getting involved in their environment or an activity that will make it worthwhile to run in the paper or on the web.
     Last Saturday was a good day for outdoor snapshots of people with assignments covering opening day of trout fishing season, an Easter egg hunt in Limerick and a homecoming celebration for a soldier.
Nicole Heffner catches her first opening day trout.
     It was a perfect day for trout fishing on a chilly and misty morning. The overcast sky was bright enough for even lighting giving me an opportunity to photograph fishermen from all angles.
     I arrived at Hay Creek in Birdsboro shortly before lines were cast into the water at 8 a.m.  There's always action at the beginning. Gary Deyarman was the first one to land a trout after the official start.  Next up, Nicole Heffner hooked into a nice one and reeled the fish in. It was her first time fishing for trout on opening day and was catching more than the seasoned anglers around her. Well, maybe the fishermen weren't more knowledgeable but the guys had all the gear and look the part while getting their lines snagged in the rocks. A short time later she hooked a second one. Beginners luck? I don't think so.
Stella Podwjski
     I walked along the creek to another location as Chris Bolla hooked a huge pallamino. It jumped out of the water and skimmed along the surface as he tried to keep his line tight. He played it carefully but using only 2 pound test the big fish snapped the line and swam away. The light orange image of the trout slowly disappeared into deeper water. Bolla can actually say that the big one got away without telling a fib.
Kids scramble to collect eggs.
     Completing the fishing assignment, I drove over to the Limerick Community Park for an Easter egg hunt. While a damp clammy morning works for fishing, it's not the best for kids running around for eggs. The light rain stopped just as the signal was given and the youngsters made a dash to collect as many as they could. There were plenty to go around and happy children opened plastic eggs looking for prizes. Three year old Stella Podwjski had the best bunny ears and basket so I snapped a shot of her for the front page.
82nd Airborne Spc. James Kendal Walton get a hug.
      Next on the schedule, U.S. Army Spc. James Kendal Walton was escorted home from the Philadelphia airport by the Warrior Watch Riders after duty overseas in Afghanistan. The 82nd Airborne soldier received the welcome home with hugs, kisses and handshakes from those attending. Walton was surprised by the people who turned out to greet him and he thanked each for stopping by for his homecoming.
      The photos help to tell the stories of the day and hopefully readers will see the emotion on the faces and realize that they are more than just another pretty picture.

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