Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Roll Over Crashes Involving Oil Tankers & Another CMERT Detail

Crash on Rt. 724 in Union Twp. involving an oil tanker.
   I planned to get paperwork done at work in the morning but that didn't happen. The fire company siren sounded as another roll over crash was happening in the area.  The accident was on a stretch of highway on Rt. 724 in Union Township Saturday morning.
   On arriving at the scene, debris was scattered across the roadway and an oil truck was laying in a ditch by the side of the road. The front end of the car involved was smashed and the fire crew was moving the driver to a waiting ambulance.

   The oil tank was leaking and firemen from Birdsboro and Monarch Fire Companies used absorbent materials to contain and soak up the fuel to prevent it from reaching a tributary of the Schuylkill River. The man driving the car heading west drifted across the center lane. The oil deliveryman tried to swerve to the right but they still collided. The tanker truck rolled over three times. The driver of the tanker was injured and taken to the hospital. They both survived the serious crash.
CMERT called in by Pottstown Police.
    I was out early on Monday at 6 a.m. after hearing about another CMERT incident. The SWAT team was called in to back up the Pottstown police on a high risk warrant service for a suspect allegedly wanted for an assault involving a weapon. Unlike the last CMERT detail which took twelve hours, this was over within fifteen minutes as the man surrendered immediately. I scrambled and shot various photos quickly before police cleared the scene. Getting into my car, I got a call on a vehicle crash on Rt. 663 and Swamp Pike in New Hanover Township.
   Arriving at the scene I could see another overturned oil delivery truck. It's an amazing coincidence on the roll overs that are happening that the crash was another tanker. This one takes the count of roll overs in the last several weeks to eight. The New Hanover and Sassamansville Fire Departments were containing leaking fuel. Both drivers suffered only minor injuries.
Two vehicle crash in New Hanover Twp. involving an oil tanker.
   It can be quiet for long periods of time and then these spot news incidents happen in bunches. And within days of hustling around to cover all these collisions and police details there won't be another for weeks.
   Tuesday, Brandie Kessler and I were out again as police were conducting warrant sweeps rounding up summary offenders with unpaid fines and individuals with criminal warrants.
  The next thing we hear is another roll over crash involving a four wheel drive vehicle on Shoemaker Rd. in Pottstown. The driver was able to get out unhurt. They hooked it to the wrecker and towed it away. That takes the count to nine.

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