Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Time for me to start Blogging!

What a view standing at the south rim of the Grand Canyon
   I've been shooting photographs for The Mercury quite a while. And over the years we added color in 1995, a brand new press in Exton in 2002, started shooting videos for the website in 2006. Email, a new twitter site,  and other electronic phones, digital this and that. And now, my new blog site. Editor Nancy March and I have been talking a while on this, so the idea is mostly to show some of my favorite photos from past and present and to talk about what it's like taking the photos. Some picture events have some crazy stories that go along with them and we thought that it's time to share those. Hopefully some of my old friends and people featured in some of the photographs I post will come out of the woodwork and share a note or two with me. I'm looking for some input from anyone out there with interest to photography or the history of the tri-county area or anything in general they want to talk about.   But, being that this is my blog I'm going to do it my way, so I'm also going to add some history of Pottstown photos at times and my favorite photos from trips across the United States, Canada and the islands of the Caribbean. Some will be family photos, see upcoming blog on my favorite photo as a kid with my sister Lisa, brother Gary and me at Strausburg Railroad. The photo attached with this blog was taken by my wife Deb at the edge of the Grand Canyon on the south rim. While it looks like I'm standing at the very edge of the canyon I can tell you that I am no hero and if I lost my balance there was a ledge area behind the rocks I'm on. But its my favorite shot of me over the last several years of traveling. Normally, I'm on the other side of the camera so shots of me are few. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favorite images and stories. We will see where it goes.

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  1. John, congratulations on the blog launch. Your shots are terrific, and I'm looking forward to the accompanying commentary!

    Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor
    The Sanatoga Post